Our Mission

Southern Oregon Network Support Services is a consulting firm specializing in networking projects for ILECS, CLECS and regional ISP's or Cable Providers.  We have experience with all types of networking products and have designed and implemented both local and regional networks for businesses and municipal governments.

The focus of our business is to assist customers with an external view of their network and answer the following types of questions:

  • Is my network headed in the right direction for the business needs I have?
  • Will my network scale to meet the foreseeable business needs?
  • Is my network supportable?

In todays world networks have become a ubiquitous part of our environment and in many cases the customers drive the services that are demanded from an organizations network support group.  At the same time those networks have been setup and designed as an institutional structure that was built organically, in most cases responding to the immediate needs of a user, the organization, or the person administrating the system.  Very often management will propose an idea and the response from the support organization is "we can't do this", likewise the support organization will propose an idea and management will respond "we can't afford this".

We look at the overall structure of the organization, the needs of the customers, the needs of the business, the ability of the market (human and technology) to support the structure you are creating, and emerging technologies.  With this overall view we suggest direction for your technology needs.  These may be personnel, policy or technology.


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